Wild Hemp Wraps


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Description: 100% Natural Hemp

4 Wraps Per Pack

20 Packs Per Box

Include Premium Filters

Slow Burning

No Tobacco or Nicotine

Natural: For people who want to keep it, well, natural, try this hemp-based wrap flavor. 


Sweetz: If you’re a fan of Hempettes, you’ll love this sweet, familiar sensation. 

Purpz: Enjoy the delectable taste of grape in this Hemp Wrap. 

Island Twist: Bring the island vibes to you with this lush Pina Colada flavored wrap. 

Tropical Buzz: Infuse your smoking experience with the mellow taste of mango.

Limeade : If you like citrus, this wrap is a tempting combination of lemon, lime, and citrus and could be your new favorite.

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