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Description:  The Torch Flow Delta 8 disposable vape pen comes in single packs with up to 9 different flavors or strains and their specific varieties depend on seasonal availability. The Torch Delta 8 is rechargeable and made with premium hemp-derived Delta 8 THC extract to provide a quality product that eliminates waste.

New Torch Flow Delta-8 1.3ml Disposable Vape.


+30% More Delta-8.

World’s Most Advanced Ceramic Coil.



Wedding Cake – Indica – Blue.

Cereal Runtz – Indica – Blue.

Gelato – Hyrbid – Pink.

Cherry Pie – Hybrid – Pink.

Pink Lemonade – Hybrid – Pink.

Sour Diesel – Sativa – Orange.

Blue Dream – Sativa – Orange.

Strawberry Cough – Sativa – Orange.

The Torch Flow Vape Disposable comes with 30% more Delta 8 than previous versions, a potency advantage over other Delta 8 disposable products. It also features a high-end ceramic coil that vaporizes the content evenly without a millimeter of waste. The wide flavor range allows you to choose Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid based on preference and needs.

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